Tree Tensor-Network Real-Time Multiorbital Impurity Solver: Spin-Orbit Coupling and Correlation Functions in Sr2RuO4

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We present a tree tensor-network impurity solver suited for general multiorbital systems. The network is constructed to efficiently capture the entanglement structure and symmetry of an impurity problem. The solver works directly on the real-time/frequency axis and generates spectral functions with energy-independent resolution on the order of one percent of the correlated bandwidth. Combined with an optimized representation of the impurity bath, it efficiently solves self-consistent dynamical mean-field equations and calculates various dynamical correlation functions for systems with off-diagonal Green’s functions. For the archetypal correlated Hund’s metal Sr2RuO4, we show that both the low-energy quasiparticle spectra related to the van Hove singularity and the high-energy atomic multiplet excitations can be faithfully resolved. In particular, we show that while the spin-orbit coupling has only minor effects on the orbital-diagonal one-particle spectral functions, it has a more profound impact on the low-energy spin and orbital response functions.


Phys. Rev. B 104, 115119 (or: